We’ve got a quick update for you today!

Our friends at Realex Payments have created an installation guide and video walkthrough for setting up the WooCommerce Realex Payment Gateway and WooCommerce Realex Redirect Gateway plugins that we’ve developed.

Realex is one of Europe’s fastest growing online payment gateways and helps over 12,500 merchants accept payments online. We have two integrations with their payment processing services:

  • The Realex Payment Gateway extension allows you to keep customers on your site while processing payments, tokenize and save customer cards securely, and supports the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension for recurring payments.
  • The Realex Redirect Gateway extension minimizes any security burden on your site by taking customers to Realex’s secure servers to complete the checkout process, ensuring that payment details are safe and checkout is easy.

You can check out the installation guide on Realex Payments’s site for more information:

Published by Beka Rice

Beka leads product direction for SkyVerge and technical documentation. She spends a lot of time on research and interviews, but likes to write so she has an excuse to spend more time jamming out to anything from The Clash to Lady Gaga.