We’re so excited to announce that we’ve just launched of our very first podcast, eCommerce Unscripted: Mastering WooCommerce! 

Every episode of eCommerce Unscripted features the WooCommerce experts from SkyVerge and GoDaddy going in depth on a different facet of running a successful online store. The episodes are packed with the strategies, tips, ideas, extensions, and stats you need to grow your WooCommerce site (or your clients’ sites). Plus, the team shares their own stories and anecdotes from their experiences in the eCommerce trenches—and their experiences as customers.  

Our first episode is all about mobile shopping, which now accounts for more than half of eCommerce transactions. We cover mobile readiness and techniques for WooCommerce stores, ranging from design to payment gateways to cross-platform retargeting. 

Our second episode dives into order fulfillment—and strategies to keep the costs, errors, and returns down for a WooCommerce store. 

And our third episode is all about improving conversion rate at a WooCommerce store, including how to diagnose what’s hurting conversions and strategies to fix those trouble spots. 

eCommerce Unscripted is available on all your favorite podcast apps (with more added all the time) including Apple, Spotify, Google, and many more. You can find the download links at ecommerce-unscripted.castos.com—and read the show notes to get links to everything we discuss in the episodes. 

New episodes of eCommerce Unscripted drop every Wednesday, so be sure to subscribe in your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss one! 

Published by Sam Greenspan

Sam Greenspan is the Director of Content at Demand.io and the host of GoDaddy's "eCommerce Unscripted" podcast. He's also the creator of the weekly newsletter The Retro which provides modern perspectives on '80s and '90s pop culture.

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