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WooCommerce Memberships 1.4 is here! This release comes with many tweaks and new features, the most prominent of which is a “Members Area” page.

The members area lets your members to review what’s featured in their membership plan: access to restricted content, members-only products, and member-exclusive discounts.

This was a most sought feature on WooIdeas – the WooCommerce public board for feature requests and user ideas. In case you have been wondering if it’s worth voting for ideas or posting your own on WooIdeas: yes, yes it is!

WooCommerce Memberships Members Area

The biggest new feature introduced by Memberships 1.4 consists of a new page accessible from the “My Account” WooCommerce page. This area holds information for each membership plan a user is member of.

Each membership listed in the “My Memberships” table in “My Account” page will lead to its corresponding Members Area. The Members Area is divided into sections: “My Content”, “My Products”, “My Discounts”, “Membership Notes”.

WooCommerce Memberships My Membership List

You can decide to exclude some of these sections or disable entirely this feature, by editing a membership plan from the admin dashboard. From the tabbed content in the Membership data panels, you will see a new item called “Members Area”. Click on that, then select which sections to show to a member of this plan. If you remove all of them, the Members Area page as a whole will be unavailable for that plan.

Membership Plan: Members Area Sections

The content for each of the available sections will be generated automatically according to the plan rules and other variables such as the individual member sign up date. Each item listed in each section will feature link actions too – for example to buy a product or view a restricted content.

My Membership Content

“My Content” will display restricted content that is currently available to the user – or content that will become available at a certain date, if access is delayed by the membership rules.

WooCommerce Memberships my membership content

My Membership Products

“My Products” will display a list of products that the member can access to or purchase with membership rights – or, again, products that will become accessible or purchasable later as per membership rules.

WooCommerce Memberships My Products

My Membership Discounts

“My Discounts” will display a list of member-exclusive discounts for products. By default, only active discounts will be shown (ie. not for products not yet accessible according to plan rules, and excluding as well discounts delayed by rules for visible products).

WooCommerce Memberships My Discounts

However, this behavior can be modified by filter:

add_filter( 'wc_memberships_members_area_show_only_active_discounts', '__return_false' );

Note: this filter hook can also pass two additional parameters, the member user id and the current discounted product, in case you need to put more logic in your filter.

Membership Notes

“Membership Notes” is just a list of notes that have been created for this user membership. Internal notes for admins and shop managers won’t be shown to the user – ie. member will only see notes that were already sent by email when first created.

WooCommerce Memberships My Notes

There are many more action and filter hooks in the new template files and the newly introduced template functions. These will allow you to extend the Members Area with custom sections or alter the table columns and rows output. We’ll examine these in a tutorial soon 🙂

Discounting subscription sign up fees

If you are using WooCommerce Memberships with the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, you can now discount the sign up fees of your subscription products too, along with their price. To enable this feature, go to Memberships settings in WooCommerce settings page and tick the corresponding option. The option will be shown only if you have Subscriptions activated, of course.

Membership discounts to subscription sign up fees

Delete a membership altogether with its connected subscription

Another feature for the Memberships + Subscriptions combo: the ability to delete a membership along with the subscription it’s tied to.

This little feature allows an admin or shop manager to delete a membership and the associated subscription from the user memberships dashboard page (either from the memberships table or the individual user membership page). This action is not reversible and normally no messages are triggered upon deletion.

We added this for managers who want to delete a member completely — both access and billing — with one action (as deleting a membership does not change anything about billing). Deleting a subscription has always cancelled the associated membership, but now you can opt to delete the subscription if deleting the membership as well by taking the “Delete with subscription” action.

Transfer a Membership from a user to another

There are a number of cases in which you might want or need to move an ongoing membership from an user to another. Now you can, from the user memberships admin page.

To use this feature, click on a user membership and then the “Transfer” button on the bottom right corner, between “Delete” and “Save”. You’ll be prompted with a user selection popup, similar to the one used to create a membership from the admin dashboard. Choose the user you want the membership transferred to and confirm with “Transfer Membership” or “Cancel” if you want to cancel.

Transfer User Memberships in Admin

You can transfer a membership more than once or back to the previous user; each transfer will trigger an internal note to keep track of these changes.

This feature could grow further and at some point we might consider also a front-end counterpart (i.e., “transfer your membership to another customer” from the account). We’d love to receive more feedback from users for the next development steps to be taken. This is yet another good opportunity for you to participate on WooIdeas!

Redirect members to restricted content upon login

This is a small tweak, but it’s one of those changes that brings a lot of benefit to users’ experiences. Until now, whenever a member accessed a Memberships-powered site while logged out and attempted to see some membership-restricted content, the user could be prompted to log in via the “content restricted” message. The {login_url} merge tag helps you include a log in link as an admin.

However, after logging in, the member would have had to manually crawl back to the restricted page he or she wanted to see. Instead, after this tweak in v1.4, the now logged in member is redirected back to the restricted content the “log in” link was clicked from.

This feature is enabled whenever you use {login_url} merge tag in your restriction messages.

Extend a membership length when purchasing multiple products that grant access

By default, when a user purchases several products that grant access to an identical membership plan within the same order, only the first product in the order is taken into consideration to activate a membership. However, if these were purchased in separate orders, the membership would be extended (and it treats this as an early renewal).

Memberships 1.4 introduces an option (available in the products section of the Memberships settings) to modify this behavior to extend the length of a plan by the number of products that grant membership access inside the same order.

Memberships option: extend access length

For example, suppose you have a membership plan X that lasts 1 month and access can be granted with the purchase of either Product A or Product B. If a customer purchases A or B (or both!) he or she will receive a 1-month membership X. However, if you have enabled the option, and the same customer, in the same purchase order, buys both Product A and Product B, he or she will receive a 2-months long membership X access instead of 1.

Other tweaks and fixes

This release contains also a fair amount of minor tweaks and bug fixes, most notably a bug introduced by version 1.3.8 where a manually edited or created user membership couldn’t have the expiry date set properly. For a more complete list of changes you may want to have a look at the full changelog.

Moving Forward

As we built this version of Memberships, we had a lot of new features we wanted to prioritize, and including each of these made for a long development cycle. With future versions of Memberships, we’d like to cut the development time down again, and thus the number of features included. We’ll be focusing on one (maybe two) features per release, and we keep a close eye on the Memberships idea board for these, so don’t forget to vote for your favorites 🙂

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  1. Wow, these are some very cool updates…. I can’t decide which one is my favorite. But I will admit I really like the ease of transfer and also the membership extension with the the purchase of products.

    Great job!

    • Thanks Bob! the membership transfer should definitely make admin changes easier so you’re not recreating memberships. Glad to have this one shipped, and keep an eye out for more cool stuff in v1.6 (v1.5 will be WooCommerce 2.5 compatibility) 🙂

  2. Love love love it!

    Finally getting to play with this new update. Digging the Members Area section and how easy it is to transfer a membership. This was a fantastic update. 🙂

    “There are many more action and filter hooks in the new template files and the newly introduced template functions. These will allow you to extend the Members Area with custom sections or alter the table columns and rows output. We’ll examine these in a tutorial soon”

    Any chance this tutorial is right around the corner? I’m looking for a way to have just Pages instead of Pages + Posts when viewing content for a specific membership.

    Seriously, you guys rock socks!

  3. […] Memberships was updated to version 1.4, which includes a “Members Area” to show accessible content and products, sign up fee […]

  4. This update looks like a great addition for a project.
    Presales question:
    On the Membership Notes, it looks like we can write a member a note. Can they reply back?

    • Member notes can be added internally by the admin, or sent to the user (just like order notes). The ones sent to the member are shown in the Member Area 🙂

      Members can’t reply via note, but we’ve got this on our idea board! Would it be better for this to trigger an email to you, or add a note within WooCommerce?

      • Great!

        Would like to add to the feature request if I may..
        When adding a note, sometimes it’s for tracking purposes not intended for direct communication—so a checkbox option to send/not to member would be ideal. If email notification is sent, member can log in and check and/or respond if needed

        It would be a dream to have projects/tasks ie project management addon one day… just planting a seed 😉

        Thank you for making WooCommerce better 🙂

        • so a checkbox option to send/not to member would be ideal.

          Yep, you can do this presently 🙂 The “Notify member” checkbox is what you’re looking for.

          If email notification is sent, member can log in and check and/or respond if needed

          Email notifications are sent currently for your “notify member” notes, so the “responding” part is the one that we’ll have to put some work into.

          It would be a dream to have projects/tasks ie project management addon one day… just planting a seed


          Thank you for making WooCommerce better 🙂

          You got it, thanks so much for the feedback!

  5. thanks for the update! It’d be great to see logic used for the redirect function also work with woocommerce social login.

    • Interesting idea Matt — are you using the shortcode to put the social login buttons in the restriction message?

      • Hey Beka,

        My current intended implementation is with social login in my on login page, so with this new redirect function it effectively splits the onward routing in two. 1. email/password > back to restricted page (desired functionality) & 2. social > my account page. I believe I can use return_url=”” on social login shortcode however there are more than one page I want to redirect back to. i.e. it depends what path user came down in terms of 1st member restricted page. I’m hopeful this might get considered on social login roadmap as one of the reason we like to go with woocommerce plugins is interoperability 🙂 Your suggestion to social login shortcode on restricted message is interesting i’ll have a look into it. Matt

        • update on above. tried adding social login shortcode under Custom Restriction Message on one of the pages and it doesn’t render buttons

          • Interesting, I see what you’re trying to do here and I think using the login buttons in the restriction message would be your best bet. I’ll have a look into (1) supporting the shortcode here (we should already support shortcodes but it sounds like there might be a bug), and (2) if we can filter the return URL in Social Login to pass in the redirect ID if the social login buttons are used from this message.

            We may also be able to just have a checkbox to enable social login instead of / along with the login URL if both are active. Will require some research on our part so I’m not 100% sure it will work as outlined yet, but I this is a great suggestion and I agree it would be very cool to have the plugins work together like this!

    • My pleasure. Will give WC Memberships a whirl when the tutorial from @Fulvio Notarstefano is ready 🙂

      • Thanks Beka, Sound’s good, my preferred implementation would be whatever the context that the behaviour is the same i.e. in the scenario above (social login on restriction message), what if the user clicks on the login link and then still goes down social login.

        As such in this case, point 2 being able to filter to the return url to pass in the redirect ID would be the desired functionality.

  6. Hi! Is there a shortcode or other way to put the membership area on a custom page? I would like to create a page that has the membership area on it but with other custom data. How can I do that?

    • Hello Ryan,

      thanks for your feedback – currently there’s no shortcode to move the “Members Area” outside the WooCommerce “My Account” page. However, you can copy and edit the “Members Area” templates to add custom data and content or create entire new sections with custom content, using hooks. We are going to publish soon some tutorials to get started with this type of customization, stay tuned 🙂



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