The holiday season has already started at SkyVerge with WooCommerce Memberships v1.12 hitting WordPress updates worldwide this week. 🌍

It’s been 2 months since version 1.11 was released, and we’re releasing some small improvements as our last feature release this year. (We freeze releases over the holidays so only critical bug patches are deployed during your busiest sales season.)

Let’s go ahead with the unboxing! 🎁

Inheriting restriction rules

Some content in WordPress (like pages) let individual pieces of content set a “parent” piece of content. So, a parent page can have multiple child pages if desired. Until now, if you wanted to restrict any content in this hierarchy tree, you were required to restrict each individual content individually, or through a shared taxonomy (like a category).

Memberships 1.12.0 comes with a new setting option that allows children to inherit the restrictions on their parent.

WooCommerce Memberships inherit restrictions

Some relationships, like those between bbPress forums and topics or Sensei lessons and courses, are more complex and will not be addressed by this feature. However, this setting is the first step towards better support for inheriting restrictions. 🙂

Automatically activate delayed memberships

Currently, user memberships that are in a delayed status will be activated as soon as their owner logs in, or when activated by an administrator. There’s also no notification for the member that they have become active.

To improve support for fixed-date memberships like this, Memberships will now run a scheduled event that will periodically activate delayed memberships that have reached their activation date. And on top of that, members will get an email notification too!

WooCommerce Memberships delayed activation email

The new Activated Membership email will be sent to the member when the delayed membership becomes active, so they will have a handy reminder that they can now access restricted content and other member perks.

Troubleshooting & messaging improvements

Communicating with customers is an important part of any business, so we’ve added improvements for how you talk to your customers, as well as improvements that help us support you!

Membership system status

Since Memberships has a lot of moving pieces, cross-referencing settings and plan configuration can be time-consuming. To help streamline support, we’ve added a “Memberships” section to the WooCommerce System Status page.

WooCommerce Memberships system status

This block will raise some warnings if it detects non-standard settings. For example, if you have a membership plan that has defined member discounts, but none activated, or if you have assigned a product to grant access to a plan, but that product is not currently purchasable by your customers, the system status block will warn you to review your plan configuration.

Discount shortcodes and merge tags

Several merchants asked us to provide a way to display the discount that becoming a member would offer to non-members as a marketing prompt. The only way to do this was to enter the discounts in the product page manually. Memberships version 1.12 now offers shortcodes and restriction message merge tags to output the discount amount, along with methods for developers to get these programmatically for more advanced messaging.

  • [wcm_discounted_product] – This shortcode checks if the current product (or a product defined in an attribute) has a discount. If it does, the content for the shortcode will be displayed.
  • [wcm_product_discount] – This shortcode will output the discount (as an amount in the store currency or percentage) that members get for the current product (or, again, a product defined in an attribute).

For example, we can put these together:

[wcm_discounted_product]Good news, this item has member discounts! Get a [wcm_product_discount] discount by signing up.[/wcm_discounted_product]

There are merge tags counterparts that merchants can use in purchasing discount messages too: {discount}, for example, will provide a similar output as the [wcm_product_discount] shortcode.

New bulk actions and performance improvements

Memberships can exclude certain content that would be normally be restricted by a plan and force it to be public for everyone. With products, you can also exclude them from receiving member discounts as needed.

To exclude content and products from restriction rules or discounts, you normally need to edit each piece of content one-by-one. Memberships version 1.12 adds a way to do this via bulk actions for content or products.

WooCommerce Memberships bulk toggle public content

While adding this action, we also made significant performance improvements to how Memberships checks for public vs non-public posts, which improves pageload times in content and shop archives.

Other changes

WooCommerce Memberships 1.12 comes with many more tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes. You can read more about those in the changelog.

An important note for developers and theme designers: we removed traces of our Framework from Memberships template files and replaced method calls with template functions. The reason behind this change (which will require you to update template files you may be overriding), is that we didn’t want merchants to run into issues when our Framework is updated, so we’ve now provided consistent methods for templates that we will maintain.

Last but not least: everyone is talking about Gutenberg these days! Since its release is imminent, we thoroughly tested Memberships with the brand new WordPress editor, and we’re happy to say that Memberships will work as expected alongside Gutenberg.

With that said, given holiday sales are right around the corner, we do recommend that eCommerce stores install the Classic Editor plugin now to avoid upgrading to Gutenberg until after the holidays.

Published by Fulvio Notarstefano

Fulvio is a WordPress engineer, and spends most of his time on new plugin development and updating existing plugins. You'll find him on the SkyVerge blog keeping you in the loop on what's new with our plugins, along with helping in your support threads.


  1. I requested the child page restriction feature. And even though this doesn’t fit my exact use case, I’m excited that I have a chance at structuring my projects to take advantage of this feature, as is.

  2. Thank you for inherited permissions! We have been waiting for it since ages. :’) You guys definitely came in like a Santa and delivered.
    Also, I was wondering how can I set the membership default status as complimentary instead of active whenever it’s activated after a product purchase.


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