WooCommerce extension updates & releases

Hello, CyberSource users! Many of you have been asking about our CyberSource SOP Payment Gateway, so we have an update for you.

CyberSource SOP version 3.0 was released this week to use the new CyberSource Secure Acceptance protocol. As the SOP protocol will be deprecated this month, we know many of you were keen to make the switch. You can now upgrade to WooCommerce CyberSource SA SOP from your WooCommerce dashboard or via your WordPress site if you’ve entered your license keys.

WooCommerce CyberSource New Features

Previously, a separate gateway was required to accept eCheck payments in your WooCommerce store. The new version of this extension allows you to accept either credit cards or eChecks via your WooCommerce checkout. eChecks must be enabled in your CyberSource SA profile, and they can only be processed in US or Canadian dollars.

You can start using this immediately! Our documentation for WooCommerce CyberSource SA SOP has details on how to configure eChecks. You can then use the same credentials for the eCheck gateway as your credit card gateway.

WooCommerce CyberSource Other Changes

As mentioned above, this gateway makes use of the new Secure Acceptance protocol that CyberSource has released. However, the checkout flow remains the same: your site uses a hosted payment page so that payment information is sent directly to CyberSource, and is not routed through your servers. This ensures maximum security for your checkout process.

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