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Last week we released WooCommerce Authorize.Net SIM version 1.2, which adds several new management features for store owners, making it easier to support order fulfillment workflows from within WooCommerce.

This release was designed to avoid logging into your Authorize.Net control panel, as this can be cumbersome when managing orders, letting you make changes for transactions right within your store 🙂

Process Refunds and Voids

Automatic refund and void support has been added to Authorize.Net SIM to allow merchants to refund or cancel transactions right from within the “Edit Order” screen.

When viewing an order processed with Authorize.Net SIM, you’ll now be able to process a refund for the order from WooCommerce, and this refund will be posted back to your Authorize.Net account.

WooCommerce Authorize.Net SIM Process refund

If the transaction has been authorized, but the charges haven’t yet settled or been captured, using the refund action will process a void instead, cancelling the order (since funds haven’t been transferred, a refund can’t yet be done).

Capture Charges

We’ve also added broader support for stores that authorize their transactions instead of capturing them immediately. Many merchants choose to perform a pre-authorization for transactions when they come into the store, then capture charges when the order is shipped.

Previously, merchants had to log into Authorize.Net to capture the charge when processing the order, but can now capture the charge right from within WooCommerce. A charge can be captured while viewing / editing an order:

WooCommerce Authorize.Net SIM Capture Charges

Capture Charges

Or the order bulk actions can be used to process several captures at once.

If you use this workflow and have virtual items in addition to shippable goods, you’ll also notice that you can now force charging a virtual-only order instead of authorizing it:

WooCommerce Authorize.Net SIM virtual only charge

If an order contains only virtual items, to ensure your customers get access to memberships, downloads, or other virtual content immediately, the order can be charged right away instead of authorized. If the order contains shippable (non-virtual) items, then the authorization is still used instead so that you have a chance to fulfill the order and capture the charge later.

Detailed Decline Messages

Finally, we’ve added one feature for your customers as well. Authorize.Net SIM now supports detailed decline messages, which will map error codes from Authorize.Net to human readable messages. If Authorize.Net returns a useful error message, the plugin will display a detailed message to the customer instead of something like, “An error occurred, please try again”:

WooCommerce Authorize.Net SIM Detailed Decline

We’re always working on improving how your store handles payments, so feedback on how you manage order fulfillment and transactions is always welcome!

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  1. Hi, is there a way to trigger the capture charge action through the rest api? If the api moves the status to Processing will that trigger the capture charge on the order?

    • Hey TD, I’m afraid there are no endpoints to do this, so programmatic captures would need to be done via on-site code to trigger the capture in the gateway (likely in a custom plugin).

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