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The WooCommerce Bambora plugin was originally our Beanstream integration. When Beanstream was folded into Bambora last year after being acquired, all merchant accounts were carried over seamlessly. However, merchants using our integration could not take advantage of all of the new technologies offered by Bambora. We’ve completely rebuilt the plugin to support Bambora’s newer API, along with loads of useful new features.

Merchants already using this plugin can continue to do so without any changes. However, we encourage you to consider upgrading to the latest and greatest from Bambora, which can be done from your existing merchant account. For developers who are keen to learn more, you can see more info here on the inline checkout implementation that version 2.0 of this plugin offers.

Improved setup

First, we’ve improved plugin setup with clearer settings and improved debug logging. It’s now easier to select which accepted payment icons are shown to your customers, along with managing all of the new features available for Bambora.

WooCommerce Bambora settings

Seamless, beautiful checkout experience

One of the main reasons we wanted to upgrade to the latest Bambora APIs was to offer an enhanced, PCI-compliant payment form. Version 2.0 of this plugin uses Bambora Checkout to generate hosted fields. These fields are each individual iframes that sit in your checkout form, meaning that customer data is directly handled by Bambora, but the customer appears to be entering everything on your site.

WooCommerce Bambora payment form

Hosted fields are one of the best implementations available for eCommerce sites, and this is no exception! Merchants can now use a beautifully integrated checkout experience while meeting SAQ-A levels of PCI compliance.

We’ve also improved error handling for checkout — Bambora now uses detailed decline messages at checkout to let customers know why a payment was declined (if the plugin gets a useful message back from Bambora). This helps your customer take action to either update the payment information they’ve entered, or use a new card.

WooCommerce Bambora detailed decline message

Saved payment methods

WooCommerce Bambora now supports tokenization, which lets your customer use Bambora’s Payment Profiles to save their payment information for future purchases. This is one of the features we’re most excited about in this new release!

Managing and using saved cards

Customers can now manage and use saved payment methods at checkout. If a registered customer has a saved payment method, they can select a saved method, or use a new card while completing an order.

WooCommerce Bambora saved payment methods

All registered customers are offered the option to save a card to their account while checking out, speeding up future purchases.

Customers can also manage saved cards from their account, or add new saved cards. Adding new payment methods uses a payment form similar to your checkout page.

WooCommerce Bambora Add saved card

The My Account > Payment Methods area now lets customers manage their saved cards. Bambora uses an enhanced “My Payments” table that lets your customers set nicknames for their saved cards, making it easy to identify a saved card during checkout.

WooCommerce Bambora my payment methods

New integrations

Adding support for saved payment methods also opens up new integrations! WooCommerce Bambora now fully supports WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Pre-Orders.

It will even help with subscription management — customers cannot delete a saved card that’s used for a subscription until switching the subscription payment method to a new card.

WooCommerce Bambora saved cards with subscription

Admin token management

You may also find the need to manage saved cards for a customer. Version 2.0 of WooCommerce Bambora includes an admin-facing token editor so you can see the Payment Profile ID and saved methods for any customer.

WooCommerce Bambora token editor

Easier store management

New features can add management overhead to your store as you use them — version 2.0 of WooCommerce Bambora also looks to streamline store management by adding some highly-requested admin features.

Capturing charges

WooCommerce Bambora now supports capturing payments from within WooCommerce. For any order placed through Bambora, if you’ve authorized payments rather than charging them immediately, you can now capture that authorization from within your store admin. You can read more about payment captures here.

WooCommerce Bambora capturing payments

You can even enable automated payment capture (read more) if you’d like to capture payments as order statuses change to a “paid” status.

WooCommerce Bambora capture settings

Payment captures can be done in bulk for all orders as well. You don’t need to worry about selecting particular orders, as the plugin will simply skip those that are not eligible for capture.

Finally, partial captures are supported, too! You can process multiple captures for an order, up to 100% of the authorized total. This supports merchants who need to charge items up front, then capture shipping charges later.

WooCommerce Bambora partial capture

Refund and void support

Just like captures, you can now refund transactions from WooCommerce as well. When processing a refund, you’ll be able to use “refund via credit card” instead of manually processing a refund in WooCommerce, then duplicating your efforts in your Bambora account. You can read more about refunding here.

WooCommerce Bambora refunding

Voiding transactions is done the same way — if you perform a refund for a transaction that’s only been authorized (not captured), then a void is processed automatically in Bambora.

Try the new WooCommerce Bambora

We’re excited to offer another advanced, PCI-compliant payment option for WooCommerce, and we hope Bambora customers love this upgrade. You can check out the plugin page for full details, and see the documentation for in-depth instructions or setup information. As always, we welcome feedback and thoughts on how we can make payment processing even more painless. 🙂

Published by Chase Wiseman

Chase is a WordPress engineer at SkyVerge, most often found mastering payment gateways and other integrations with WooCommerce. He builds new plugins, maintains existing ones, and helps support WooCommerce merchants.


  1. hello,
    does it work for all country?

  2. I’ve been using woocommerce then quickbooks and finally bambora to process orders… yes three times the entries. With this plugin and some additional adjustments to woocommerce, I am working towards ditching quickbooks and using woocommerce for everything and letting your plugin take care of bambora. That’s one-third of the work.


  3. Hi! Just wanted to let you guys know that we started using this plugin to make our payments in our company for like a month. So far is an excellent product, great quality and fairly easy to use. Nice work, guys!

    • Glad to hear it, Aaron! Thanks so much for the feedback. 🙂 The new Bambora is one of our most feature-rich payment gateways now, so I’m glad to hear it’s meeting expectations!

  4. Hi, I just want to confirm that There is also an option of 3D secure in bambora plugin.

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