WP Development

Add a WordPress Custom Bulk Action

Good news! There are now core APIs to do this as of WordPress 4.7. You can read more here. Like me you probably woke up this morning assuming that adding a new bulk action to WordPress would be as easy tracking down the correct filter or implementing the right action hook. If so, then you might have had a rude awakening when you attempted to make use of the promising-looking filter named bulk-actions-screenid and failed….

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WooCommerce reviews + tutorials

WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers

Update 5/25/2012 – While this free version of the plugin will always remain available, I now offer an officially supported “Pro” version which can be purchased from the WooCommerce shop: Sequential Order Numbers Pro. The Pro version has additional features including: start the order numbers at any particular number, set a custom number prefix/suffix with date pattern substitutions, set an order number length, exclude free orders from the order number sequence, and more. The Pro…

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