1. Thank you this share, worked good

  2. Hi, Thanks for the great snippets.

    Is there a way I can create a members-dashboard to show all members (parent) pages.
    I need to show a list of all member pages somewhere else then in my content.

    I’ve created a dashboard for the members with categories. If they click one category, they should see a page with all the pages the may see.

    Thanks so much!

    Kind regards, Bas

  3. Thank you for adding this. When we last looked at Membership Extension this was a big missing piece that prevented us from moving to Membership Plugin. We will take another look at how we can use this plugin to manage our restricted content.

  4. Question: Would it be possible to get code snippet to retrieve URLs by post type for “My Content”. This way I can display this in anyway I want in the custom member area or any other pages I create.

  5. Hi, where could I find what are the other fields I could use for sorting? On the top of the ‘day’. I would like to show these on the order of access given – for example.

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