Well, that was weird! 

When we were planning for 2020, we never could’ve seen what was coming. Like, well, pretty much everyone in the world, we’ve faced challenges this year. We worked hard to meet those challenges, and watched in admiration as our merchants persevered and innovated to meet them as well—and to serve their customers and communities during these difficult times. And we’re so grateful those merchants have continued to trust our products to power their businesses through whatever the universe might throw at all of us.

In a year full of so many changes, one fundamental thing has stayed the same: our team is still laser focused on helping merchants succeed in their eCommerce businesses. If anything, this year has shown us that this mission is more vital now than ever! 

At this point in the year, it’s traditional for us to make a little speech (followed immediately by a nap) to share our highlights of the year with you—before we close the books on 2020 for good and continue this important work in 2021 and beyond.  


We’re not ones to bury the lede—our biggest company news this year is that we’ve joined GoDaddy! We’re thrilled about bringing our years of eCommerce experience to GoDaddy’s managed WordPress platform. Between GoDaddy and SkyVerge, we know eCommerce like the back of our hands. And never fear: we’re going to continue building, growing, and supporting our WooCommerce extensions, too. 

While the nature of work has changed a great deal with the global pandemic, SkyVerge has always been a remote-first company. As a result, our day-to-day hasn’t changed too much. But since we know it has for so many people, our team pooled its knowledge about remote work to craft a few resources for those of you who may be new to working from home or working with your kids at home. We hope these will help you grow your remote work skills or just let you take a direct flight back to reality.

SkyVerge team waving.
Asynchronous communications, synchronized waving.

Our team grew this year with nine new teammates who are talented but, more important, share our affinity for elf culture: six in support, two in engineering, and one on the product team. These hires spread our team to four new countries in South America, Europe, and Africa. 🎉 We’re nearly ready to deploy our Santa tracker, now that we’re covering more time zones than ever! 🎅(If you know anybody who might want to work for us in Kiribati, please send them our way the next time we’re hiring—that time zone is a really tough one to get.)

WooCommerce extensions

As more businesses either moved their stores online or improved their existing online presence, we saw some fantastic growth in our WooCommerce extensions! It’s truly humbling for us to have the opportunity to serve so many merchants and their customers. If you’ll indulge us, here are a few fun stats from our product and engineering team that make us the hap-hap-happiest:

  • We crossed more than 100,000 active extension subscriptions on the WooCommerce marketplace for the first time! 🎉
  • 6,890 commits to our extensions.
  • 496 plugins releases, chock full of compatibility updates, bug fixes, and new features. 

Thirsty for more? Check out some of our favorite projects from 2020:

  • 💸 CyberSource added 3D Secure and Decision Manager support for improving security and reducing fraud, as well as support for digital wallets like Visa Checkout and Google Pay.
  • Local Pickup Plus became even more popular during the pandemic, and we added a new feature to add appointment limits so merchants could keep folks safely distanced while picking up their takeout or curbside orders
  • 👥 Teams for Memberships got a handy update that lets you rename “teams” to whatever makes the most sense for your memberships (e.g. “schools”, “groups”, “Hogwarts houses”, etc.), and fits seamlessly into your business


During these distant times, it’s more important than ever to build and nurture relationships with your customers—and we’re proud of just how many stores use Jilt, our email marketing platform, to accomplish just that!

You can get the full scoop on our Jilt blog, but seeing is believing, so here are a few tidbits: 

  • 💌 116.6 million emails sent using Jilt.
  • 💰 $78 million in email-driven revenue for our customers.
  • 🛒 541,704 recovered carts.
  • 🖌️ Added pre-designed email templates to help you send beautiful emails in less time.
  • 🏡 Released a new homepage with helpful tips, tours, and statistics to ensure you’re getting the most out of Jilt.
  • 🧮 Launched detailed broadcast reporting so you can more easily measure the efficacy of your sales announcements, newsletters, and other one-off emails. (Or passionate requests to Santa.)
  • 🎨 Rolled out our new email editor to all Jilt email types.
  • 🤝 Built integrations with MailMunch and MailOptin, and improved our Zapier integration.
  • 👩‍🎓 Introduced Jilt Learn so you can level-up your email marketing skills.
Jilt Learn.
Jilt Learn, the gift that keeps on giving.


We triple dog dare ya to find a better support team than ours here at SkyVerge! In addition to our six new team members, we’ve also enjoyed hosting some care team members from GoDaddy to help us serve our merchants during the busy holiday season. Here’s how our team has kept busy this year with our WooCommerce extensions and Jilt:

  • 23,163 people helped
  • 73,790 messages sent in 30,294 conversations
  • 11,493 conversations for Jilt, 1,324 conversations for Authorize.Net, 3,099 conversations for Memberships, and 2,372 for Facebook for WooCommerce 
  • WooCommerce happiness score at 5.4 / 7
  • 5.8 improvements to documentation per week
  • 9,383 pieces of product feedback logged for review

Onward to 2021!

With 2020 behind us, now we’re looking forward—and we’re so excited for how we’ll grow and improve the eCommerce landscape with GoDaddy in 2021. Our team has been interviewing store owners and developers, conducting extensive market research, and plotting a course for how we can improve the WooCommerce experience, our extensions, and, most of all, your business next year. 

We hope that you, your family, and your community are staying safe and well this season. We are so grateful to you for your support this year, and we are incredibly optimistic about what the future holds for SkyVerge + GoDaddy and WooCommerce. See ya in 2021! 🍾

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