We’re no strangers to working with WooCommerce Subscriptions at SkyVerge. We’ve built about a dozen payment gateways that support Subscriptions, and WooCommerce Memberships has a close integration with Subscriptions to control membership access.

Given this experience, it was a no-brainer for us to build an integration between Jilt and WooCommerce Subscriptions to send automated subscriber emails.

Automated subscriber emails

We’ve been spending a lot of time rearchitecting Jilt to send non-order emails, starting with our recent WooCommerce Memberships integration. While we were making Jilt emails more robust and working on syncing more data between stores and Jilt, we wanted to ensure that we could sync subscriber data, too.

Jilt will now sync subscription information, which makes it possible to send emails based on this information. We’ve already created several templates that can be used to send a single email or series of emails to subscribers based on subscription properties or events.

WooCommerce Subscriptions emails in Jilt

Each template starts you off with a pre-built set of rules and email content, so you can customize your audience and messaging.

Jilt WooCommerce Subscriptions pre-renewal email

This integration already has several useful templates for your WooCommerce subscriber emails:

  • Welcome new subscribers — Every new subscriber should get a thank you message that also sets expectations for their subscription (when items will ship, what they get, and more). You can send a single email or a series to get feedback, set expectations, and say thank you.
  • Trial ending soon — Ensure that you subscribers get the most out of their trial period by reminding them when it ends. This also lets you surface questions and communicate with customers before their first payment is processed, keeping your trial-to-paid conversion rates as high as possible.
  • Pre-renewal emails — Nobody likes a surprise payment, especially if they’ve forgotten about it. For stores that have long-term subscriptions (like annual billing), letting customers know that they’ll have an upcoming payment saves customer service headaches, and gives your customers the opportunity to let you know if they have reservations about continuing with a subscription.
  • Pending cancellation email — When a customer cancels a subscription, it’s not always clear when their access ends, or what happens next. At this point, they want to know the cancellation has processed, and when the subscription stops. Use a pending cancellation email or series to confirm that you’ve received a cancellation, let customers know when access ends, and ask for feedback as to why they’ve cancelled.
  • Cancelled subscription win-back — When a subscriber ends their relationship with their store, it’s important for you to find out why. You can send a win-back email or series to get feedback to understand why they left, or to see if you can save the sale.
  • Expired subscription win-back — Do your subscriptions end after a number of billing periods? Should subscribers return? Send a series of emails to win-back subscribers after their subscription ends.

For cancelled and expired subscription win-back emails, Jilt will even pay attention to whether customers re-subscribe, and avoid sending further emails to these customers.

Jilt subscription templates

Send the right email at the right time

Timing is key when selling subscriptions — your customers should know when a trial ends, when they’re charged, or when shipments stop. Jilt lets you completely customize your sending schedules to deliver timely and relevant emails to your subscribers.

Jilt trial ending soon email

Be sure to keep them in the loop as important subscription dates, like trial end dates, next payments, or expiration dates approach.

Advanced subscription segmentation

Need to talk to different subscribers in a different way? You can! Jilt lets you use subscription data to target a specific audience with your email campaigns.

WooCommerce Subscriptions segmentation in Jilt

Segment your customers by subscription status, start date, products purchased in the subscription (or categories), and more.

Customizable, dynamic content

Your brand is important, and your emails should reflect it. You have complete control over your email content and messaging.

Jilt Subscriptions pending cancellation email

To take your emails further, you can even include dynamic content — emails can insert subscription properties like dates, status, ID, and more. Most emails include some of these properties by default, and our team is happy to help you add more!

Ready to get going? Jilt has a free plan available, so you can immediate get started with your automated WooCommerce subscriber emails today.

Published by Beka Rice

Beka leads product direction for SkyVerge and technical documentation. She spends a lot of time on research and interviews, but likes to write so she has an excuse to spend more time jamming out to anything from The Clash to Lady Gaga.