The majority of retailers say returns are a negative for their online stores, which makes sense. After all, returns cost money and are often a hassle for both the customer and the store owner. But what if I told you returns could actually be a benefit for your store? It’s possible! By making the return experience delightful, you can win customers for life, and with some simple return policy tweaks, you can actually encourage more purchases.

This episode of eCommerce Unscripted is all about returns. We go over the latest statistics about how often people return products and why, we share tips and tricks on improving the return experience, both for your customers and employees, and we go over WooCommerce extensions and strategies for offering better returns that can lead to customer loyalty and more purchases.

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Published by Sam Greenspan

Sam Greenspan is the Director of Content at and the host of GoDaddy's "eCommerce Unscripted" podcast. He's also the creator of the weekly newsletter The Retro which provides modern perspectives on '80s and '90s pop culture.

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