Here’s an Ask SkyVerge question we’ve heard from lots of WooCommerce Memberships users: How do I set up a member registration or login page?


So you’ve set up your membership plans and are ready to start offering your memberships to users. Woohoo! But wait, how will people register for those memberships? And once they’ve registered, where do they go to log in?

Every single member on your site will need a standard WordPress user account on your site.

Membership user accounts.

That’s because the Memberships plugin does not actually contain any registration or login functionality itself. This seems strange, right? It’s because Memberships doesn’t make its own accounts. All of your members will have a WordPress user account with your site—and their membership will be tied to that. For members that don’t already have an account on your site, their account will be created as they join the membership.

(If you’re really interested in getting deep into the technical weeds, Memberships creates a custom post type called a “user membership,” which it then associates with a WordPress user account.)

Here are the three main workflows for membership access and how they relate to user account creation. After we discuss these options, we’ll cover how those members can now log into your site using their new accounts.

Memberships registration workflows and account creation

Manually assigned memberships

If you’re assigning memberships manually, you can create WordPress user accounts for your new members (or link the memberships to previously-registered users).

If you’re manually adding members one-by-one (WooCommerce > Memberships > Members), when you click on the Add Member button, a pop-up will ask you if you want to “Add an existing user as a member” or “Create a new user to add as a member.”

Adding a new member.

If you choose “Add an existing user as a member,” you can use the next dropdown to find the user. If you choose “Create a new user to add as a member,” another screen will appear in the pop-up asking for the necessary info for a WordPress user account. This will create the WordPress user and the user membership. 

Manually adding a new member's information.

If you’re manually adding new members in bulk by importing from a CSV file (WooCommerce > Memberships > Import / Export), you can check the options to “Create a new user if no matching user is found” and also to “Send new account notification emails when creating new users during an import.” This will create the user and user membership, and send that user an email with information about accessing their account.

Importing members via a CSV.

Memberships assigned on user account registration

The second option for granting membership access is to do so when someone registers for a user account—so, obviously, the user account process is a key part of the system.

While you could just direct people to the generic registration/login page (e.g., [your-site-url]/wp-login.php or [your-site-url]/my-account), a custom form that fits into the flow and design of your site and allows you to include the form fields you want is generally a better option.

You can use Memberships’ custom profile fields to request information from your users before they register for a membership. Ask your customers for any information that you want to learn (which will help with targeting and retention down the line!). The information provided in the profile fields will be stored in their Memberships profile. (If you need more flexibility around your registration forms, consider an extension like Gravity Forms.)

Once a person registers for an account on your site they’ll automatically have the correct membership assigned to them.

Membership purchases

Whether you sell memberships as standalone products or you grant membership access with the purchase of another product, those memberships will be assigned to user accounts created at checkout (or to the account they’re logged into during checkout, if they’re already a registered user).

Under WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy, you will find several options for customizing how WooCommerce handles user account creation and login. You can check “When creating an account, automatically generate an account username for the customer based on their name, surname, or email” and “When creating an account, automatically generate an account password” or let your customers choose their own.

Options for purchased memberships.

Even if you’ve agreed to allow guest checkout or you don’t check “Allow customers to create an account during checkout,” when someone purchases a membership product, the Memberships plugin will override those settings and create an account for those users.

When customers register on checkout, you can use WooCommerce’s default account creation to automatically create their user account. Any profile fields you’ve setup for the membership plan can be presented on the membership product page, and will then be associated with the user’s membership.

How members log into your site

When your members return to your site, they’ll need to log into their user accounts, as that’s how they’ll gain access to everything that comes with their membership.

WooCommerce has a built-in login page that’s much more integrated with your site than the WordPress default (usually located under [your-site-url]/my-account). When someone clicks on a link to the “My Account” page (you can put it in the header or anywhere else), or when someone visits a restricted page, they’ll be taken to a form where they can log in.

The default login page.

You can also use a third-party form option if you’d like, including User Registration or Gravity Forms, to create a custom login page for a higher level of control.


That’s all folks! With your membership plans set up and your registration and login pages ready to go, you should be all set to start offering your memberships to users. 


Disclaimer: Our support team is happy to assist you with configuration questions, general issues with plugin functionality, bugs, or guidance on the best method for accomplishing your needs!

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