We know how important a quick and easy checkout is for driving conversions, so we’re excited to share a small but powerful update to Memberships: you can now apply membership discounts to eligible products when the cart contains a membership-granting product. When enabled, your customers will immediately receive the benefit of their new membership, instead of requiring that they first purchase their membership plan and then go back and complete the rest of their purchases in an additional transaction to get their discount(s). 

To take advantage of this feature, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Memberships > Products and enable the Apply discounts when purchasing membership setting. 

The "Apply discounts when purchasing membership" setting in the Memberships Products settings area.
Enable this setting to apply eligible discounts when customers are purchasing the membership product.

Now, whenever a customer adds a product that grants membership access to their cart, any products discounted by that plan will be discounted right away. Customers will see a note on any products discounted by this setting so they can instantly see the benefit of purchasing the membership. 

Cart notices for discounts applied by the presence of a membership product in the cart.
When a membership product is in the cart, customers will see the discounts applied by that membership plan to eligible products also in the cart.

Customers can also see eligible discounts in the shop while they have the membership product in their cart. This can encourage additional sales alongside your membership!

Store notices for discounts applied by the presence of a membership product in the cart.
When a membership product is in the cart, customers will see the discounts applied by that membership plan to eligible products in the store.

This feature simplifies the process of purchasing a new membership and encourages upsells by immediately applying the discount perks that are part of the membership. We’ve put in some safeguards to protect other membership perks and ensure this feature doesn’t lead to unexpected discounts.

What happens if the customer removes the membership product from their cart?

If the customer removes the membership product at any point before payment is processed, the discount won’t be applied to the eligible products. This guarantees that membership discounts are only offered when the customer purchases the membership product, too. 

Will customers be able to access restricted products or content with the membership plan in their cart?

No — the presence of a membership product in the cart won’t let the customer access any restricted products, pages, posts, or other content. This setting only grants early access to the membership’s discounts, and only if the customer completes the purchase of the membership-granting product.

What happens when a current plan member adds the membership product to their cart?

This setting only applies the plan discounts for non-members to simplify the initial purchase of a membership. If an existing member adds their membership’s access-granting product to the cart (e.g., to extend the length of their membership), they won’t receive an additional discount on top of what they’re already eligible for as a current plan member. 

If a membership discounts its own access-granting product, will that discount be applied during the initial purchase?

Some merchants offer a discount on membership renewals or extensions by adding a plan discount on the access-granting product. This is intended to discount subsequent purchases of a membership, but not the initial purchase. This setting won’t interfere with this configuration—a membership product won’t be discounted by its own presence in the cart. 

My site offers multiple memberships with different access-granting products. How will discounts be applied when a non-member adds multiple membership products to their cart?

In this case, all respective discounts will be applied to any eligible products. This means that if the customer adds two access-granting products that both discount a third product, both discounts will be applied to the product. 

We hope this setting will delight your prospective members and drive more conversions in your store by immediately demonstrating the benefits of membership! If you have any questions about this feature, please get in touch with our support team

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Lindsey is a product manager at SkyVerge based out of Charlottesville, Virginia. When not sneaking Harry Potter references into SkyVerge docs, you’ll find her hiking up/skiing down a mountain or perfecting her homemade pizza.


  1. This is a great feature to have that makes this plugin so much more attractive! Thanks for listening to customer feedback and making amazing plugins SkyVerge!

    • Hey Vince – you’re welcome! We’re so glad to hear you’re excited about this feature. Thanks for continuing to share your feedback so we can make Memberships even better together 🙂


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