Product reviews are a crucial part of any WooCommerce store. Studies have found more than nine out of 10 shoppers will hesitate to buy a product with no reviews—but just one review can lead to an 18 percent increase in sales, and five reviews can lead to a 270 percent boost. 

In this episode of eCommerce Unscripted: Mastering WooCommerce, we share statistics and anecdotes on what motivates people to leave product reviews, the effect of reviews on sales, whether it makes sense for stores to respond to reviews, and talk about incentivizing customers to leave reviews. We also cover several strategies to both enable product reviews on a WooCommerce site and entice more customers to leave reviews. 

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Published by Sam Greenspan

Sam Greenspan is the Director of Content at and the host of GoDaddy's "eCommerce Unscripted" podcast. He's also the creator of the weekly newsletter The Retro which provides modern perspectives on '80s and '90s pop culture.

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