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Good news, Moneris merchants! We’ve released an update to route payments to different Moneris accounts based on their currency. This update makes it easier for you to support customers in the United States and Canada without needing to manually sort out transactions in different currencies within one merchant account. 

To use this feature, you’ll need a plugin that can let your customers switch your store’s default currency. We recommend Aelia’s Currency Switcher for WooCommerce, but there are likely other plugins that would work here, too. From there, configuration is a snap! 

Head on over to your Moneris settings (WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Moneris). You’ll see a new Additional Connection Settings area, which will let you add credentials for a second merchant account. The option you’ll see in this menu depends on your WooCommerce currency settings—if your site currency is set to USD (like mine), you’ll see the option to setup the additional account for your transactions in CAD. If your site defaults to CAD, you can add account credentials for a USD account.

Additional Connection Settings area within the Moneris gateway settings.
Use the Additional Connection Settings to add another Moneris account.

Click Add connection settings for CAD (or, if you’re set to process CAD by default, Add connection settings for USD). This will add a new Merchant Settings section where you can enter the Store ID, API Token, and Hosted Tokenization Profile ID (if applicable) for your second account. Click here for more information about these settings and where to find them.

Merchant Settings area for the second account's credentials within the Moneris gateway settings.
Enter the credentials for your second Moneris account.

That’s all there is to it! Now, when a customer switches from my store’s default currency (USD) to Canadian dollars, their payment will be routed to my Canadian account with Moneris—no need to worry about managing currency conversions after the order has processed!

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  1. We currently have CDN currency only and would like to add USD. How are store credits handled in USD?

    • Hey KT! How do you distribute store credits? Is this something handled by another plugin? The Moneris plugin doesn’t manage any currency conversions on its own, but can only route payments to different accounts based on the order’s currency, so I’m not sure if your store credits would be impacted by this functionality – but once I know more about your setup I’d be happy to let you know for sure!


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