Here’s an Ask SkyVerge question we’ve heard from lots of users: How can I welcome my new members and send them information regarding their membership?

In this article, we’ll walk you through:

  • How to set up a “new membership welcome” automation—including how to segment based on a specific membership plan
  • How to send a series of welcome emails
  • How to schedule those emails
  • How to add links to exclusive content
  • How to add discounts


Why should I send a welcome email?

Whenever you get a new member, you want them to feel welcome and excited to start exploring the exclusive content and other perks they just gained access to. The best way to introduce your site to new members is with a beautifully crafted and personalized series of emails. With welcome emails, you can:

  • Notify new members of the exclusive content they’ve gained access to and link directly to that content
  • Send a series of informative emails on a dripped content schedule based on the membership activation date
  • Welcome new members and send an exclusive coupon for a first purchase
  • Introduce your company, begin the onboarding process—really, the welcome series is a blank slate you can use however best serves your customers and your business

Why use Jilt to welcome your new members?

It’s not possible to send welcome emails with WooCommerce and WooCommerce Memberships alone, since Memberships doesn’t provide a welcome email by default. The WooCommerce “new account email” is difficult to style and is primarily used to provide account info like passwords and usernames. (Here’s more on the issues with sending emails through WooCommerce.)

Other email service providers lack the native integration to WooCommerce Memberships that you get with Jilt, so they don’t sync membership data and, as a result, won’t be alerted to the creation of a new Membership.

Jilt is the best option for sending a welcome series to your members because it’s:

  • Fast. Jilt includes pre-configured automation templates to get you up and running with your welcome series in minutes.
  • Easy. With Jilt’s drag-and-drop email editor, you can customize and style your emails to your liking and to suit your business’s branding.
  • Customizable. Jilt supports sending a welcome series instead of a single email, sending different types of welcome emails based on the membership plan, and including personalization that makes your emails stand out. 
  • Seamless. Both WooCommerce Memberships and Jilt are built by SkyVerge, so the integration is robust and reliable. (Plus you can get expert support for both in the same place.)
  • Affordable. Jilt’s pricing is based on your active contact list size and the Memberships integration is even available on Jilt’s free plan (for shops with fewer than 300 contacts).

Today, we’ll go over how you can set up a series of three emails to send to your new members when they register for your plan—so let’s dive in.

1. Create a new membership welcome automation 

If you haven’t connected your shop to Jilt, you can do so by installing and activating the Jilt for WooCommerce plugin, then clicking Connect to Jilt in the plugin settings in your WooCommerce admin area.

In your Jilt admin area, click on Automations > New Campaign. From the dropdown list of automation types, select New membership welcome. 

Select a new membership welcome automation in Jilt.

Note: As long as WooCommerce Memberships is installed and active on your site, Jilt will automatically detect it and make the Memberships-related automations available. If you aren’t seeing them available, check Settings > Integrations in the Jilt admin and ensure the WooCommerce Memberships integration is enabled.

Enter a name for your campaign, for your reference purposes only (your members won’t see this name). We recommend using a name that describes the automation’s function, such as “Membership welcome series.”

Click Create Campaign.

2. Specify the membership plan to which you want to send your welcome emails

You can send this welcome series to new members on a certain plan, or send it to new members on any plan.

In either case, you’ll need to set up the segmentation rules to let Jilt know who should receive the emails. Under Segmentation Rules, click the Plans includes any of rule and select your plan(s) from the list, or select has any value to send this series to new members of any of your membership plans.

Select membership plans in Jilt.

3. Create your emails

In this example, we’ll set up a series of three emails sent to the new member over a two-week period. 

Jilt conveniently creates the first email in your series when you create your automation. It’s scheduled to send one hour after automation entry (which, in this case, means one hour after the customer’s membership status is active in WooCommerce).

A welcome email subject line.

Add two more emails to create a series of three by clicking Duplicate twice. This will create two copies of the first email.

Duplicating a welcome email.

Adjust the send schedules for the two remaining emails to “Send automatically 7 days after automation entry” and “Send automatically 14 days after automation entry,” respectively.

Set the automation timing.

4. Customize your welcome emails

Click on the title of the first email to start customizing the content.

The welcome email is automatically populated with some helpful starter content, including a link and button to access the “My Account” page where members can access their membership perks.

A welcome email for a member.

This email is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and let new members know about what they can expect from their membership. 

Edit the text of the email by clicking directly on the content in the editor and updating it.

Edit the text of a welcome email.

You can add more elements to your email (like images, products, or social media links) by dragging those content blocks over from the sidebar.

Click Save Changes.

Offer some valuable content with the second email

The second email is a great chance to offer some detailed and informative content. For example, you might want to share an excerpt from one of your most popular blog posts. Aim to offer content that a new member will find engaging and informative.

Send a perk for being a member

By the third and final welcome email, the member has maintained an active membership for two weeks. Let’s reward them with a perk! 

In this example, we’ll send them a discount, but if your site doesn’t sell products, you could link to a free eBook or bonus article.

Add your discount code to the third email by dragging the “Discount code block” to the content area of your email. (Check out our guide on How to send discount codes with Jilt for more info.)

Add a discount code to a welcome email.

5. Go live!

At this point your emails are all set and ready to go! Click the Go Live button next to your New membership welcome automation on the automations page.

New members will now start receiving these emails once their membership has a status of “active.”

If you want to check on the outgoing emails to be sure they are sending properly, check the Outbox page in the Jilt admin. There you can see what emails have been sent and which are scheduled to be sent.

Great job getting this configured! You are off to a great start fostering engagement with new members. As next steps, check out some of the other Memberships-related automations such as “Membership expiring soon” notices or “Expired membership win-back”

Happy sending!

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