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Today, we’re beginning to roll out the SkyVerge Dashboard, which will soon be available across all SkyVerge plugins. This is a project that we’ve been working on for some time, and it started with a pretty simple dream—we wanted to make it easier for merchants using our plugins to communicate with us. 

We’re thrilled to share this feature with you, and hope that it opens up new opportunities for our merchants to share what’s important to your business and learn about what we’re up to at SkyVerge. Let’s check it out!


Thanks to the new SkyVerge menu, it’s easy to find the dashboard and help areas. 

The SkyVerge menu in the WooCommerce admin.

Support and documentation

We’ve heard from many merchants that it’s just not that easy to get in touch with us for plugin support. We get it! You’re working on your site when you run into problems with our plugins, so it doesn’t make sense to have to go anywhere else for support.

To address this, you can now submit requests to our support team from the Get Help tab for any SkyVerge plugin with an active license that’s connected to WooCommerce.com

The support form on the SkyVerge > Get Help page.

We’ve also included a helpful connection status area so you can clearly see which plugins are connected to WooCommerce.com and are therefore eligible for dashboard support. If a plugin isn’t connected, you can select the buttons to connect or renew your expired license. This area also holds links to the plugin documentation, in case you need help getting setup or want to review our FAQs and troubleshooting tips.

The plugin connection status section on the SkyVerge > Get Help page.

ℹ️ Please note that responses from our support team will be sent to your email address. We hope to add a support responses to the dashboard at some point, but for now, you can find our replies in your email!

Messaging, product feedback, and the SkyVerge newsletter

On the Dashboard, there are three ways to engage with SkyVerge!

Read messages with plugin tips, notices, and recommendations

In the Messages pane, you’ll see notes from the SkyVerge team about your plugins, your store, or what’s going on at SkyVerge. When there’s a new message waiting for you, you’ll see a badge noting that you have unread messages. Here are a few types of messages that you might receive:

  • Notices about plugin releases, with information about included features
  • Information about bugs that are impacting your store
  • Recommendations for your store based on your active plugins
  • Requests for feedback about your experience with a plugin or upcoming features

Our goal is to make sure the Messages area only includes information that is timely, relevant, and ultimately helpful to your business. We know your time is valuable and we promise not to send long expositions on why it makes no sense that Hermione wasn’t in Ravenclaw. Honestly

The messages section on the SkyVerge > Dashboard page.

Sign up for the SkyVerge newsletter

If you’re reading this, you may already be part of our newsletter (thank you for subscribing!). If not, it’s easier than ever to sign up right from the dashboard. Our newsletter is a great source for plugin and company news, tips for WooCommerce, and recommendations for running a successful eCommerce site. More than 10,000 other WooCommerce store owners and managers already subscribe!

The newsletter section on the SkyVerge > Dashboard page.

Schedule a meeting with our product team

We love learning about your problems, goals, and ideas for how to make our plugins better for your business. You’ll be able to schedule interviews with our product team directly from the dashboard during our feedback cycles! You might end up speaking with yours truly, or even the legendary Beka Rice. (Let the record state that Beka vehemently opposed this adjective, but was overruled.) Expect no more than five minutes of Harry Potter related conversation. 

The interview section on the SkyVerge > Dashboard page.

We’re releasing the dashboard a few plugins at a time, so it should be coming to a WordPress admin page near you very soon! We are so excited for this new way of communicating with our merchants, and hope that it makes it easier than ever to stay connected to SkyVerge and learn more about our plugins, our company, and how to grow your business.

Published by Lindsey Fogle

Lindsey is a product manager at SkyVerge based out of Charlottesville, Virginia. When not sneaking Harry Potter references into SkyVerge docs, you’ll find her hiking up/skiing down a mountain or perfecting her homemade pizza.


  1. I have Subscriptions and Memberships on both agcpgolf.com and mcnixgolf.com and I do not have the Dashboard. I’m connected to woocommerce. I’m having a hard time learning how everything works together and would like to learn how to connect members to subscriptions on McNix. Developer is not always handy and when people join for lessons or fittings they want instant response. They don’t want to wait. I read, then I try but I don’t seem to be able to do what I read for some reason. I got one membership set up but I don’t know how I did it and can’t repeat it.

  2. even the legendary Beka Rice. (Let the record state that Beka vehemently opposed this adjective, but was overruled.)

    Ha! Now I know for sure that Beka ghostwrote this piece. Classic Beka 😜


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