What’s the one gift you can buy someone that you can be nearly 100 percent certain they’ll like? The gift of being able to pick out their own gift! We’re talking gift cards, and there’s a reason they’ve been the most popular gift for the past 14 years: they’re easy to give, and people love to receive them.

But are gift cards as easy to sell as they are to buy? And even though they’re popular with gift buyers, should you offer them for your store? On this episode of eCommerce Unscripted, we go over the latest gift card statistics, we share tips and tricks on how to start offering gift cards from your store (or your client’s store) right away, and we go over WooCommerce extensions and strategies for getting the most from gift card sales.

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Published by Sam Greenspan

Sam Greenspan is the Director of Content at Demand.io and the host of GoDaddy's "eCommerce Unscripted" podcast. He's also the creator of the weekly newsletter The Retro which provides modern perspectives on '80s and '90s pop culture.

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