Automattic has taken over maintenance and support of this plugin! They’re working closely with Facebook on new iterations, and we’re excited to see what comes next. 🙂

Facebook for WooCommerce users, this is a big one! We’ve been working hard with the Facebook team to introduce this major update to the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin, focused on improving the onboarding / connection experience, product sync performance, and pixel tracking stability. Let’s get to it!

Easier access with dedicated menu

This is a small change, but one that we think is much needed! Instead of digging through different settings areas, you can now easily navigate to all Facebook for WooCommerce settings and features directly under the WooCommerce menu. Quickly access plugin settings, make any needed tweaks, and get back to business.

Since we’ve now got more real estate to work with, you’ll notice that the connection, product sync, and Messenger settings now each have a dedicated area. These sections will grow as we add new features to the plugin.  

The WooCommerce > Facebook menu and the Connection, Product Sync, and Messenger tabs on the Facebook page.

Smooth onboarding and connection experience

We’re excited to incorporate the latest version of the Facebook Business Extension and a brand new OAuth connection process into the plugin for a smooth, streamlined onboarding. With just a few clicks, you can connect and select the right accounts, pages, and other assets to link to your WooCommerce store.

The Confirm Settings step of the Facebook for WooCommerce onboarding process.

After onboarding, you can view all your connected assets from the WooCommerce > Facebook > Connection tab, so it’s always clear how your WooCommerce store is linked to Facebook. You can also use the Manage Connection button to view more details about your connection and enable features like Messenger

The Facebook for WooCommerce Connection tab.

Product sync improvements

Previously, Facebook for WooCommerce used two settings to manage a product’s status and visibility in the Facebook catalog, which was sometimes awkward and confusing. In 2.0.0, we’ve streamlined this to a single Facebook sync setting, which lets you easily control whether your products sync to Facebook and if they are visible in the catalog. 

The Facebook sync setting on a WooCommerce product.

Behind the scenes, we’ve also updated the plugin to use Facebook’s Graph API, which is a stable, performant way to sync products between WooCommerce and Facebook. You’ll now see nearly immediate synchronization, so that changes made in WooCommerce will be presented right away in Facebook. 

Server-to-server pixel tracking

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve updated the Facebook pixel to use server-side tracking instead of browser-side tracking. Browser-side tracking can be inaccurate at times, so with server-side tracking, the pixel’s data will be more reliable and secure. This ensures that you get the customer behavior information you need to make educated decisions about your business and advertising. 

What’s next for Facebook for WooCommerce?

We don’t like resting on our laurels, and to be honest, we don’t even really understand what laurels are. ???? We’ve got a few more exciting projects lined up for Facebook for WooCommerce this year, including adding support for Instagram Checkout, which will let customers make purchases directly on Instagram using information from your WooCommerce product catalog.

The performance and reliability improvements in this update will make it even easier to reach new customers and grow your business using Facebook for WooCommerce. Have any questions about Facebook for WooCommerce? Check out our documentation or contact the support team with any questions!

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Lindsey is a product manager at SkyVerge based out of Charlottesville, Virginia. When not sneaking Harry Potter references into SkyVerge docs, you’ll find her hiking up/skiing down a mountain or perfecting her homemade pizza.


  1. I’d really love a Birdseye view of how this all looks to someone going to your Facebook page and seeing the catalogue. I mean what did do they see? How is it all arranged? I’ve never done this before so it’s difficult to understand how it all works without having it explained and seeing it from 10,000 feet, as it were.

    • Hey David,

      When Facebook for WooCommerce has connected your WooCommerce site to Facebook, visitors to your Facebook Page shop will see any products that are configured to sync to Facebook. By default, the same price, description, and image that appear in WooCommerce for the product will also be used in Facebook, but we do offer settings to show Facebook-specific prices, descriptions, and product images. Customers can then select products to purchase, and will be automatically directed to your site with the selected product in their cart.

      Does that help clarify how your Facebook Page shop appears to customers? Let me know if you have any specific questions, happy to go into more detail!


  2. Who do we send support requests to? I ask because the plugin simply won’t connect for me. I’m using Business Manager for Facebook, so that could be one reason. The other is that my ad account is currently disabled (my ads are in review). But these problems could also be bugs, so would like to report to support please.

  3. Error with the application
    We are unable to connect our site to the facebook account.

    Here is the error message “Sorry, an error has occurred.
    This can happen due to a technical error that we are fixing. Try refreshing this Page. ”
    Video ;

  4. Hi,
    I updated to this new version of Facebook for WooCommerce plugin. But in the setup process it is showing error. And in business manager it is showing woocommerce as partner and is has access to the ad account and pixel I’m using for set up. I tried removing woocommerce from my business manager. From some places it was removed but not from others.

    I have tried to do this several times but the error still persists. I even contacted you guys through contact page but I haven’t got any reply so far.

    Also, previously the plugin was linked to my personal account pixel. But now in the set up process it is linking to a business manager pixel.

    I would really appreciate it if you guys can help me. As I had to stop my Facebook ads because I’m worried I will have to use business manager default pixel from now on.


    • Hey Sanjana! I’m sorry about the connection problems, we’re working through a few kinks with Facebook to address these setup issues. Our support team has been quite busy with the WooCommerce sale and this update, but they’ll be in touch as soon as possible to help with next steps!


  5. Hi, im trying to synced my products, but the products dont show in my facebook shop. I send the facebook support team messages , but i didnt get a reply. Im really looking forward your help. I dont now what the problem is.

  6. The plugin is completely abandoned. Are you still developing and supporting it?


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