Let’s be honest, if your brand doesn’t have a Facebook page, you may as well not exist. Facebook connects you with a global audience of over 2.7 billion people, but selling on your store’s page hasn’t always been easy. That’s why we were so excited to take on support and development of the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin earlier this year.

Our mission at SkyVerge is to help small businesses and everyday entrepreneurs succeed with eCommerce, and the Facebook plugin helped hundreds of thousands of stores sell on the world’s biggest social media platform. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over these past few months on the Facebook for WooCommerce extension.

  • We improved the onboarding and settings interface, so you can get selling faster.
  • We enhanced the Facebook <> WooCommerce product sync to give you greater control over which products sync to your Facebook page.
  • We made pixel tracking data more reliable and secure.
  • We laid groundwork for Instagram Checkout support, which is currently in beta testing, and coming in a future release.

Starting in early November, we’ll be transferring support and development of this plugin to the fantastic team at Automattic. We’re looking forward to seeing what they build next!

Published by Lindsey Fogle

Lindsey is a product manager at SkyVerge based out of Charlottesville, Virginia. When not sneaking Harry Potter references into SkyVerge docs, you’ll find her hiking up/skiing down a mountain or perfecting her homemade pizza.

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