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Here’s a question we came across on the WooCommerce repository recently:

“The default behavior before the update was for the Add Note section to default to Note to Customer. We have part of our workflow expecting this and now there is an additional step changing the type of note.

Is there a way for us to change the default back to Note to Customer?”

The default option for adding an order note was changed in WooCommerce 2.4 from a “Note to Customer” to a “Private Note”.

If you’d like to default to a WooCommerce customer order note instead of a private order note, you can do so pretty easily by setting the default value via jQuery. We’ll set the default to “customer” to create a customer note by default instead of private note:

// Set customer notes as the default order note
function sv_default_customer_order_note() {
    if ( is_admin() ) {
add_action( 'admin_init', 'sv_default_customer_order_note' );

This will still allow you to add either kind of note, and just changes which is selected by default.

WooCommerce customer order note

Published by Beka Rice

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  1. Great! Thanks a lot. Such small changes are really important for a lot of WC users.

  2. Thank you for another useful tip. I did notice the change made by WooCommerce and was going to live with it, if it was not for your email on how to change it to Customer.
    Appreciate you sharing the piece of code. Works beautifully!

  3. This was a good mod but it broke in WooCommerce 2.6.8
    Any suggestions on a fix?

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