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How to Add Content Below WooCommerce Featured Image

Here’s a tiny snippet based a question from Julie: How can I add a notice right below the WooCommerce featured image on the product page? It should say “click to enlarge” right below the image. There’s an action that you can use to add content below featured images, which can be used before or after product thumbnails. The woocommerce_product_thumbnail action is what will help us out. Let’s add a notice that says, “Click to Enlarge”…

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How to Change the WooCommerce Return to Shop Button

Here’s a really quick guide on tweaking your WooCommerce shop. Some of you aren’t using the typical shop catalog page to sell your product – you may be doing some cool things like using a pricing table or landing pages for your products instead. If this is the case, you don’t want the shop archive with your products in your store. However, your empty cart may betray you. There’s this insidious little button that doesn’t…

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Changing WooCommerce Custom Order Status Icons

If you’re using the official WooCommerce iPhone app, you may have noticed that custom order statuses have their own icon when displayed in your order details: These handy little icons (designed by Jay Koster) can be added to your WooCommerce “Orders” page as well so they’re consistent throughout your shop and the app. Here’s a quick guide on how to add WooCommerce custom order status icons. You don’t have to be using the iPhone app…

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WooCommerce Social Login tips

Advanced WooCommerce Social Login Tips

Our WooCommerce Social Login plugin has quickly become one of my favorites, as you can allow users to easily link social accounts to WooCommerce and Sensei. This makes it easier to get involved with your store and far easier to save a user profile for future purchases. There’s already a lot of flexibility in displaying social login buttons, as you can add them to any of the following: the “My Account” page Login / Register…

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Helpful WooCommerce 2.2 Hints

Hello everyone! WooCommerce 2.2 brought about some exciting changes to the core plugin, such as the ability to process refunds, and a method for payment gateways to automatically process refunds via your merchant account directly from WooCommerce. We’re already working on adding refund support to our major gateways, so keep your eyes on the changelogs 😉 . If you want to read a review of all of the changes, you can check out this detailed…

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connecting heroku to other services with Torpio

Developers: Turbocharge Heroku Deploy Hooks using Torpio

Heroku makes it easy to post a webhook when you deploy an app using the HTTP Deploy Hooks add-on but there’s no way to post the webhook to more than one URL. This is a problem if you want to notify a few different services of the deploy, like an exception tracker and NewRelic. Of course you could spin up a new app just to catch the webhook and resend it, but that’s a lot…

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woocommerce pre-sales form

Creating a WooCommerce Pre-Sales Form

If you have products that typically prompt pre-sales questions from potential customers, you’ll want an easy-to-manage, quick way to add a pre-sales form to your product pages. There are a couple of easy ways to add a pre-sales submission to your product pages without code or adjusting product templates. Both methods will use a product tab to display your pre-sales inquiry form. Method 1: Product Enquiry WooThemes has a plugin available to do just this:…

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WooCommerce Realex Payments

WooCommerce Realex Payments Walkthrough

We’ve got a quick update for you today! Our friends at Realex Payments have created an installation guide and video walkthrough for setting up the WooCommerce Realex Payment Gateway and WooCommerce Realex Redirect Gateway plugins that we’ve developed. Realex is one of Europe’s fastest growing online payment gateways and helps over 12,500 merchants accept payments online. We have two integrations with their payment processing services: The Realex Payment Gateway extension allows you to keep customers…

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SkyVerge WooCommerce Extensions

Using and Customizing the WooCommerce Product Retailers Extension

We sometimes get requests or questions from customers on how to tweak our WooCommerce extensions. Today we’re going to walk you through some settings and tweaks for the WooCommerce Product Retailers extension. Why WooCommerce Product Retailers? Let’s pretend that you own a book store and sell some popular books via orders that you fulfill yourself. You simply list some of your inventory online and ship right from your store. However, you could be making more…

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WordPress plugins vs themes

Why Use Plugins Instead of Theme Changes?

Since we develop a lot of plugins (mostly for WooCommerce) and do some custom development, we get a lot of questions on best practices or recommendations for adding functionality to a site. Many times we’ll provide suggestions or guidance and tell people they should create a custom plugin, which prompts the question, “Couldn’t I just modify my theme template or buy a theme with this built-in this instead? I don’t want to have too many…

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