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WooCommerce 1.4 Released and Reviewed

As announced yesterday on The WooCommerce Blog, WooCommerce 1.4 (and in fact, the same day 1.4.1) has been released. I’ll do my best not to just rehash what’s found in that post, but as they said, for developers this is a big release, and big in a great way from my experience so far. It took only a few minutes to upgrade foxrunsoftware.net to 1.4, and the corresponding new release of the Wootique theme and…

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How to Exclude Traffic From Google Analytics in Magento

The Problem There are two typical ways of stopping your internal requests from appearing in and skewing your Google Analytics metrics. Both are outlined in this article from Google, but they boil down to two options: Filter by IP Filter by cookie Both are ok choices, but the first becomes unmanageable without a static IP, and doesn’t fit the laptop-based mobile development style that I prefer; and the second relies upon your ability to set…

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