Date Range Picker Similar to Google Analytics

I’ve always loved the calendar date range selector in Google Analytics, it’s extremely user-friendly for the task of selecting a range of dates; much more so than the typical dual input boxes with independent calendars. There are a few options out there for replicating the Google Analytics range picker, however I couldn’t seem to find any that offered the functionality, looks, and ease of use right out of the box. The closest I could find…

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WP Development

WordPress Comments Feed 404 Fixed

I logged in to Google Webmaster Tools today and was greeted with a new crawl error, specifically a 404 Not Found for the Comments Feed url I requested the page and sure enough, it was indeed a 404. A quick search turned up a number of threads and discussions regarding this issue, which seems to stem from having a new site without a single comment yet. How embarrassing. Now, let me stop you right…

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WooCommerce reviews + tutorials

WooCommerce 1.4 SSL Admin Mixed Content Bug

2/10/2012 Update – The good people of WooCommerce have fixed this issue as of the 1.4.2 release, so the modification described in this article is no longer needed. I have left the rest of the article untouched for historical curiosity. As I described in my most recent news posting, WooCommerce 1.4 while a great update to the excellent E-Commerce offering from WooCommerce, did include at least one very minor bug. This issue would apply only…

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How to Exclude Traffic From Google Analytics in Magento

The Problem There are two typical ways of stopping your internal requests from appearing in and skewing your Google Analytics metrics. Both are outlined in this article from Google, but they boil down to two options: Filter by IP Filter by cookie Both are ok choices, but the first becomes unmanageable without a static IP, and doesn’t fit the laptop-based mobile development style that I prefer; and the second relies upon your ability to set…

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