SkyVerge Team | Justin SternJustin Stern, Co-Founder

Justin hails from eastern Massachusetts, USA. Justin has long had an interest in computers and technology, which began by playing Kings Quest on his Macintosh LC II and programming small games in HyperCard as a kid. Throughout high school and college he became (and to his dismay at times remains) his family and friends IT/tech support, and built or upgraded many a desktop and laptop. No surprise here, but he found Computer Science to be a natural fit at the University of New Hampshire, and graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in 2004.

Justin programmed in Java for a few years before returning to his passion: web and database development, and became lead engineer for one of the largest physician comparison sites on the web. However, Justin still needed to make his childhood dream of working for himself and starting a business a reality, so he struck out on his own as an independent contractor with a focus on web and eCommerce development. Building upon some initial success, he had the good fortune to work on a project with Max Rice, who shared his goal of trying to take over the world, I mean writing superior software and providing outstanding support, so with that in mind they formed SkyVerge.